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  1. A T T Investigations, Inc.
  2. Arthur Andersen China Investment Center
  3. Barclays Asian Selection Funds
  5. BENCHMARK - Investment Funds of Asia
  7. BOCI Direct Investment Management Ltd.
  8. Co-Win Int'l Investment Ltd.
  9. Dharmala Capital (Asia) Ltd.
  10. Dresdner RCM Global Investors Asia Ltd.
  11. Elson Investments Limited
  12. Fidelity Investments Management (H.K.) Ltd.
  13. FLORIDA, USA HOMESITES -- Inexpensive
  14. FundeXpert Online Mutual Fund Magazine, Hong Kong
  15. Gemini Financial Services Limited
  16. HOSTECH Net
  17. Huge Trade Investment Ltd.
  18. Interactive Investor Asia
  19. Jardine Flemings Unit Trust Ltd
  20. - Direct investment in the Netherlands, Europe
  21. Matheson InvestNet
  22. North America Investor
  23. Pacific World Asset Management Limited
  24. Sabourin And Sun Inc.
  25. Schroder Investment Management (HK) Limited
  26. Seapower Financial Services Group
  27. Smart Investment Consultant
  28. Swiftrade, On-line Stock Trading
  29. The Administrative Committee of Rufong Economic Development Zone Jiang Province
  30. The Allen Perkins Group
  31. Thornton Management (Asia) Ltd.
  32. Venture Capital Asia Online
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